Nutrition Tip

In with the new

Try a new recipe or ingredient every week to ensure you are adding variety to your diet.  Experiment with colourful vegetables and try various grains and pulses as well as herbs and seasonings.  Adding variety to your diet makes it whole lot more interesting and you are consuming a wider variety of nutrients too.

Eat Calm and Carry On 

Eating in a calm, relaxed state makes your meals much more enjoyable.  You will be more mindful about what you are eating, helping you derive pleasure and satisfaction from the food.  Eating calmly, slowly and chewing your food well will help your body to properly digest and absorb the nutrients from your meal.  Our digestion suffers when we are eating whilst feeling stressed, distracted and disconnected.

Hello & Welcome


I am Sarah Lumley a nutritional therapist with a desire to help people feel good through my personalised food and lifestyle recommendations.

I love food, confess to being a bit of a foodie and so I love cooking and eating too.  Before I trained in nutritional therapy I worked in food PR and marketing, working with farmers and regional food producers as well as dairies and restaurateurs.

 Peruse the website (which is ever evolving) and you’ll get a taste of what I do, how I work and most importantly how I can help you.

 Any questions or comments, then email me at

Is this you? Do you –

  • Feel tired & low in energy?
  • Struggle to know what is best to eat?
  • Feel totally overwhelmed with health & diet information?
  • Feel  your immune system is weak and needs help?
  • Feel your hormones are playing havoc and affecting your wellbeing?
  • Battle with your weight and appetite?
  • Need nutritional support to help you with a medical diagnosis?
Take a look at Work with Sarah to see how I can help you. 

Do you want to feel more inspired about your food?

The Kitchen Coach


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Cancer Support

Having worked for a breast cancer charity as their Nutritional therapist for over 12 years I have extensive experience providing holistic, yet evidence based guidance and practical support to help you through your diagnosis, treatment plan and recovery.

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 “Having a consultation with a nutritionist is not something I had ever considered before but the time had come when I had to do something. I had allowed myself to slip into bad habits with my diet. I was struggling with my weight but was more concerned with the way I was feeling. I would often have stomach complaints and headaches but had no idea why. 

A friend of mine had seen Sarah before and he told me about the amazing help she had been to him. I was still fairly skeptical but two hours with Sarah has literally changed the way I not only eat and buy food but how I plan meals based on what my body’s exact dietary requirements.

After my consultation I was given a detailed breakdown about deficiencies in my diet and how those deficiencies were affecting my health. I was given meal plans with example dishes and the information with which to confidently come up with interesting plans of my own. I was even told about how to correctly organise and store my food!

Four months on from my consultation I am amazed at the difference in my health and it seems like second nature now. I have lost weight which is great but my headaches and stomach aches have stopped too. The food is not the usual bland, tasteless stuff that you often see in fad diets. This is normal, healthy food, you just learn what foods are suited to you and which ones are trigger foods that are not. 

Everything was explained to me in such a straight forward manner that it seems logical but when I have had any questions Sarah has been all to happy to answer or just reassure that I am doing the right thing.”

– Nick Walker